• 1.Irregular Noises


      Irregular noises from the motor can be caused by a variety of scenarios, whether something is going on internally inside the motor or the issue is purely external. If your ebike's motor is making unusual noises, the first step we recommend is checking the motor cable and the 10-core cable first, whether if there is any arced to cause this intermittent buzz reaction.

      Please check the photos and video:

      1) Motor cable

      2) 10 Core cable ( make sure the arrows are facing each other when you reconnect them)

      3) A rough video guide

      How to Solve 6 Common Electric Bike Problems of Magicycle by One Step

    • 2.Motor shut off or make noise when rider climbs at low speed or when he starts with throttle on a slope


      Please do not worry, it's a normal situation and the motor is not defective. On a slope, low speed or slow start might sometimes lead to the shut-off, which is actually protection designed to maintain the motor in great function. To avoid this, you can increase the speed when climibing and pedal a little when starting on a slope.

    • 3.Speed sensor is not working or loosing


      Please take the screw on the crank out first, then tighten the PAS sensor properly.

      The below pic demonstrates the PAS sensor sets in the right position.

      This sensor installation video maybe helpful:

      Magicycle bike motor FAQ and Features