• 1.How to charge my Magicycle ebike?


      1) Take the battery pack off using the key switch.

      2) Remove the rubber cover on the charging socket on the opposite side of the battery switch.

      3) With the battery on or off the bike, place the charger in a flat, secure place, and connect the DC output plug from the charger (round barrel connector) to the charging port on the side of the battery pack.

      4) Then connect the input plug (110/220-volt plug) to the power outlet, charging should initiate and will be indicated by the LED charge status light on the charger turning red.

      5) After the charging indicator light turns green, unplug the charger from the outlet first and proceed to remove the charger output plug from the bike charging port.

      Always charge your battery at a temperature between 10 and 26 degrees Celsius and ensure the battery and charger are not damaged before initiating the charge. If you notice anything unusual while charging, please discontinue charging and using the bike and contact Magicycle Bike for help.

    • 2.My battery seems to discharge way too soon, I only ride it one hour.


      We're sorry that your battery is having some trouble! Before we look further into the matter, please do some checking to confirm the problem.

      1) how long have you charged this battery? ( It should be at least 4-6 hours.)

      2) Was there a fan sound inside the charger when you charged it?

      3) Please take a photo of the charger light and the battery lights when they are charging.

      4) Use a voltmeter to TEST the battery voltage and take a photo.

      Please contact our support team with pics, we will check and help you quickly!

    • 3.Is it normal for the battery indicater lights to be three blue/green and one red when charging? Is it fully charged too?


      One fact that has probably been confusing many customers is that 3 green/1 red lights, instead of 4 green lights, indicate a full charge. Each light no matter red or green indicates around 25% charged. So when the 4 lights are all on, the battery has been fully charged. Then when you ride the bike after the full charge, as the remaining power becomes lower the lights will turn off one by one-- 3green/1red, 2green/1red, 1green/1red, and finally only 1 red. Only 1 red light indicates the remaining power is less than 25% and if you drain out the battery completely to 0%, the 1 red will turn off as well. In conclusion, with 4 lights on, no matter whether green or red, it indicates a full charge. The last one in red is designed to notify the rider that the remaining power is already lower than 25% and it's time to charge it now.

    • 4.I cannot charge my battery.


      If you experience any of the following three conditions, you may need to replace the battery:

      1) The voltage is abnormal, press the battery button, there is no light on the battery or none of the four lights are on at the same time, so the bike cannot be turned on.

      2) Only charging for 10 minutes, the charger light shows green, and it runs out of power after 15 minutes of riding.

      3) The battery light is blinking and cannot be charged

    • 5.Broken / craked battery case


      There might be a certain bulge on few batteries due to the rough transportation, and somehow it looks like the battery is cracked, however, in most cases, it is the decal that is cracked or peeled off. Here is an easy way to fix it.

    • 6.Battery Sparking


      Please do not worry, the sparking from the battery is normal. As long as the sparks aren't massive, don't come with smoke, and it only sparks when connections are made, there's nothing to worry about.

    • 7.Where can I find the battery bar code and the bike's serial number?


      Battery bar code: at the bottom of the battery.

      Serial Number/ identifying number

      For the first generation,it behinds the crank, put the bike upside down

      For the second generation, on the head tube under the "Magicycle logo"