• 1.What is an e-bike?


      An electric bike, or E-bike has an electric-powered motor hub that is designed to assist with pedaling rather than powering the bike without input from the rider. When riding up a hill, the motor will activate to help you reach a better cruising speed on an incline to make it easier to ride. Magicycle’s motor hub can be located rear wheel.

    • 2.Do I need a license to ride an e-bike?


      Magicycle Class II, also known as "speed pedelec", can also have up to only a 750w motor (aka 1 horsepower), the  original setup is 20 mph, but you can adjust up to 28 mph. It is allowed in most states and cities without the need for a license.

    • 3.An E-bike is not a real bike.


      An e-bike is a regular bike with the addition of an electrical drive system. This includes a battery, a motor, a way to

      integrate the motor’s power into the drivetrain, and a way to control that power. You still need to pedal an electric


    • 4.Is an e-bike really a good way to exercise?


      E-bikes are just like traditional bikes, you still need to pedal, but you have the option of the pedal assist or throttle on hills or longer commutes to help you cycle further with less strain on your body. Reports present that e-bikes require the same level of exercise as a regular bike, as they increase the heart-rate and require pedaling just like a traditional bike.