Shareasale Affiliate Program Invitation
March 25,2024

Shareasale Affiliate Program Invitation

We are an American Ebike brand, manufactured in China, with premium quality yet affordable price, bringing a greener and easier commuting way for Ebike lovers. Our commission rate starts from 4% and it could be up to 10% depending on how many sales you generate.  Our average order amount now is around $1800. Currently, we are in stock in the US warehouse and ready to ship in 2 business days. Every new affiliate will get a $30 bonus commission for their first sale.PLEASE NOT: DO NOT use our brand keywords to run paid PPC, otherwise, we will cancel your commission. Affiliates can't promote with any keywords containing our Brand name - Magicycle, mistake-spell, or variation. For example Magic cycle, Magiccycle, Magicy...

transporting ebikes
October 12,2023

Effective Methods for Safely Transporting Electric Bikes in Your Car

The e-bike market is expected to grow to $53.5 billion by 2027. The popularity of electric bikes is growing to increase, and more and more people are looking for the best ways to safely transport their e-bikes. Whether you're heading to a picturesque trail or simply want to explore a new biking location, safe e-bike transportation is necessary. Therefore, here in this guide, we will provide you with details on different methods of transporting electric bikes in your car. Different ways to transport your electric bikes in a car You can use different ways to transport your electric bikes in your car. However, here we have enlisted the top 3 options to consider. These include: 1. Car Trunk Placing your electric...

best ebikes to prevent back pain
October 11,2023

Top Tips for Preventing Back Pain While Electric Bike (Ebike) Cycling

If you just switched from another vehicle to an electric bikes or from a regular cycle to an electric bike, you may face back pain while riding it. The main reason behind this is that you are not used to the experience, and that's why experts recommend gradually increasing your riding distance by 25% weekly. It will help in preventing back pain due to riding. Here, we will share some of the top tips to prevent back pain when riding electric bikes for adults. What causes back pain while riding an electric bike? There are multiple reasons why you may feel back pain during or after riding an electric bike. The most common reasons include: Bad posture while riding Improper position...

an ebike with hydraulic disc brakes
October 07,2023

What Kind of Brakes Do I Need for an Electric Bike?

The electric bike technology has seen several improvements, and many are yet to come. One of the improvements in these bikes that most people don’t know about is the braking system technology. The latest combined braking system can reduce braking distance by 40%, which makes riding electric bikes much safer. If you are looking to buy or upgrade an electric bike, here you will find all the information about the types of brakes you need. Contents 1. Are electric bike brakes different than traditional bikes? 2. Different types of brakes are used on electric bikes. 1.1 Rim brakes 1.2 Mechanical disc brakes 1.3 Hydraulic disc brakes 1.4 Drum brakes 1.5 Regenerative brakes 3. How to pick the perfect type of...

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?
September 28,2023

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

Different individuals have different expectations when picking electric bikes. Some people are all about speed, and their first question about electric bikes is how fast they can go. While electric bikes have top speeds ranging between 45 and 85 mph, most electric bike users are 21% faster than regular cycles that can go on an average speed of 15 mph. If you also have queries regarding how fast your bike can go, here is everything you need to know. Do all electric bikes have the same top speed? No, the top speed of electric bikes varies between models and manufacturers. On average, you can find electric bikes for adults having a top speed of under 85 mph. It is because when...

electric bikes for adults
September 27,2023

7 Tips for Riding Your Electric Bike in the Dark

Some people want to explore the outdoors in daylight, but some like to do that during the night when there are fewer people around. Electric bikes provide a great experience of exploring the outdoors, including cities and offroad tracks. In fact, many cities around the world have only 10% of their total traffic at night, which makes it safe. However, it is challenging and thrilling at the same time due to the dark. How dangerous is it to ride an electric bike in the dark? Riding electric bikes in the dark can be a little more dangerous than doing the same during the day. It is mainly because of a lack of visibility and low light. Here are some common reasons...

long range bike
September 21,2023

Maximize E-Bike Range: Proven Tips to Extend Your Ride

E-bikes are gaining popularity in the whole world. Even with over 300 million electric bikes being used in the whole world, many people don’t know the right way to use their bikes. One of the biggest concerns people have regarding their budget electric bike is its range. No matter how much range you get from your Ebike, if you are not using it appropriately, it will not be efficient. So, in this guide, we will share the top tips that will help extend your riding range. Contents 1. Maximize E-Bike Range: 10 Proven Tips to Extend Your Ride 1.1 Use lower pedal assistance if your bike has the option 1.2 Prefer pedal assist over throttle mode in most cases 1.3 Maintain battery charging...

hitch bike rack
September 20,2023

Is a Hitch Bike Rack Worth It?

The market of electric bikes is expected to grow to a size of $119.72 by the year 2030. It shows that this market is rapidly growing, and the growth comes not only from the city bikes but also from the mountain bikes. When it comes to mountain or trekking bikes, many people use a hitch bike rack to carry them to their camping site with their car and then ride it. However, if you have any doubts about this accessory, here we will discuss whether a hitch bike rack is worth it or not. Contents 1. Uses and benefits of a hitch bike rack 1.1 Loading and unloading your bikes and electric bikes is convenient 1.2 It is safer than carrying...

electric bikes with PAS
September 19,2023

Do you still have to pedal with an electric bike?

Most good electric bikes can provide a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge. However, not all people get it because they are completely using their Ebike on throttle mode with no pedaling. So, if you are also struggling to enjoy your Ebike in terms of performance and comfort, you might be using it wrong. In this guide, we will learn about the working of these bikes and the importance of pedalling with an electric bike. Understanding the working of electric bikes. Before answering this question, it is important to understand the workings of these bikes. Electric bikes usually come with 2 operating modes, which are: Pedal-assist mode It is the mode where you pedal, and the motor...

best ebike to replace a car
September 16,2023

Can an Electric Bike Replace a Car?

Electric bikes have not only attracted riders of regular bicycles, but they are also attracting riders of other vehicles, including cars. People are not looking forward to replacing their cars with electric bikes since it seem to have many benefits. Research shows that people prefer to take up to 50% of their trips on an electric bike whenever available instead of a car. So, can you replace your car with an electric bike? It depends on different situations, including your use case. This article discusses all those situations and the factors to consider when switching. Contents 1. Situations where you can replace a car with an electric bike 1.1 You need to frequently travel short distances with high-traffic 1.2 Finding the...