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Speed of these E-BIKES

But my MAX SPEED at Governor limitations is 32.5Km/h , I have the Dual Battery which helps me with range but not speed , "APPARENTLY, When these Bikes come to Canada they are tuned Down to MAX out at 32.5km/h.....does anyone know where the speed control module would be, I've changed her max speed in her computer/Odometer, but I need to disconnect a Blue wire and the only access hatch in the bike is I believe on the Bottom of seat Post..... Just putting this out there see if anyone could help me with an easier way or is this a no no, thanks cheers! From Newfoundland Canada

Love this bike

We both have the Deer I have the 20 inch and my boyfriend the 26inch.
We live in the woods. Which means no street lights.
No paved roads..Our roads are secondary roads.
These roads are for tree harvesting.
We can go from a full dirt road,to a rock gravel road in a matter of minutes.
These bikes stand out.There comfortable
There made tuff and if they can withstand our roads.
They can withstand anything

jaime vraiment mon velo ocelo pro mais la batterie n,est pas vraiment pas endurence a mon gout

Bought both the deer mini 20 stepthu and the deer step over within a half hour had the first bike ready to ride and just as fast for the deer mini .
After a quick test ride it was time to do a quick inspection and charge the batteries fully. Took the bikes out today and wow they are fun, easy to ride . Was very impressed with the bikes no issues so far no loose bolts . easy build easy ride .
You won't be disappointed

This was also a total gong show, missing a part that made it impossible to install on my bike. They did however finally send a new one but not before they had to try to say it was my fault it didn’t work

Magicycle 52V 15Ah Cruiser All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike

It is perfect,very nice bike ,i’m gonna have a lot of fun, thank you.

Magicycle 52V 15Ah Cruiser All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike

The bike is not what it was supposed to be bought 2 bikes first one was good second one came a couple of days later scratched and box was taped up looks like it was a return bike and battery was not in original box was installed on the bike

Magicycle 52V 15Ah Cruiser All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike

Great purchase ! Great customer service .

Compact size and very strong lock. Easy to install holder on bike to carry with you.

The bag is large enough that you could fit two batteries in one bag but with only one battery per bag then you can also store the charger so everything is in one place when needed.

These people are total FRAUDS - they not only sold me a bike with a defective battery that only lasted 7 weeks, but then, after 3 weeks of fighting with them, sent me a defective battery that has once again died after just 6 weeks. Now they ignore my emails altogether.

Magicycle 52V 20Ah Cruiser Pro Step-thru Electric Mountain Bike

the torque is crazy! super fast and rigid.

Fantastic ! Beautifull and strong ! All I need ! Fantastique ! Il est beau et solide… Exactement ce que je cherchais !

Enhancing My Retirement Enjoyment

My new Jaguarundi e-bike has brought so much enrichment to my retirement life. Despite having foot issues that limited my activities, this e-bike has given me newfound mobility and joy.

Pure Joy on Two Wheels

This folding electric bike is an absolute blast to ride. It's not just fun; it also delivers enough power to take us wherever we want to go. The folding option makes it a breeze to store in any vehicle for far-off adventures and offers versatile storage solutions.

Enhancing Our Camping Adventures

My wife and I are avid campers (RV camping), and we always bring these e-bikes along. They fold up neatly, fitting easily in the back of my truck or camper. They allow us to enjoy thrilling rides even while camping. Plus, they provide ample power and a smooth ride 每 we're delighted with these e-bikes.

Perfect for Limited Storage Space

My wife and I have been enjoying our Jaguarundi e-bikes for about two months now. Riding them is an absolute delight. Living in a townhouse with limited storage space, we specifically chose these folding electric bikes for their convenience.

In Love with My Jaguarundi E-Bike

I'm absolutely smitten with my new Jaguarundi e-bike. Every time I take it for a spin, people can't help but compliment its fantastic design. It's incredibly comfortable to ride and fits me perfectly. Riding my new e-bike brings me pure joy!

Electric Bike Love Affair!

I'm head over heels for this electric bike! It strikes the perfect balance between portability and performance, allowing me to conquer rough terrains while maintaining easy storage.

Beyond Expectations

This folding electric bike has exceeded all my expectations. It's relatively easy to fold and handles rough terrain like a champ, thanks to its 4" wide tires. I highly recommend this reliable folding ebike.

Pure Riding Joy

I recently got my Jaguarundi, and it's an absolute blast! This high-quality bike is incredibly easy to use, providing a stable and smooth ride on various terrains.

A Sharp-Looking Winner!

My husband adores his new bike, a gift for his 70th birthday. It's sturdy and looks great, offering excellent value compared to similar models.

Exceptional Value for Money

The design of this bike is simply awesome. I scoured the market for the best value, and this bike didn't disappoint. It's durable, and I was on the road within an hour of unboxing it. The battery holds a charge remarkably well, and its folding design makes transportation a breeze.