an ebike with hydraulic disc brakes
October 07,2023

What Kind of Brakes Do I Need for an Electric Bike?

The electric bike technology has seen several improvements, and many are yet to come. One of the improvements in these bikes that most people don’t know about is the braking system technology. The latest combined braking system can reduce braking distance by 40%, which makes riding electric bikes much safer. If you are looking to buy or upgrade an electric bike, here you will find all the information about the types of brakes you need. Contents 1. Are electric bike brakes different than traditional bikes? 2. Different types of brakes are used on electric bikes. 1.1 Rim brakes 1.2 Mechanical disc brakes 1.3 Hydraulic disc brakes 1.4 Drum brakes 1.5 Regenerative brakes 3. How to pick the perfect type of...