how do electric bikes work
 how do electric bikes work

Magicycle Battery Charger

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All ebikes come with a battery charger, only purchase if you want an extra charger or need a replacement.

Input: AC100V-240V ~ 4.0A MAX 50-60Hz
Output: 58.8V 3.0A
Compatible models: Magicycle Deer/Cruiser/Cruiser Pro/Ocelot/Ocelot Pro/52V Jaguarundi

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jackson Turner
Charger Performs Perfectly!

After misplacing my initial charger, I requested a replacement from Magicycle. Their excellent support promptly provided me with a new charger. Big thanks to Magicycle for their great service!

Aiden King
Received What I Ordered

I required a replacement for my cruiser ebike, and it functions flawlessly! The post-purchase service is exceptional, with 24-hour online assistance available for any questions or concerns about my bike and charger. This level of support instills even more trust in me.

Mia Lewis
Rapid Charging at its Best!

The fast charging feature really caught my attention. With only 4 hours needed to fully charge my Magicycle batteries, it's truly impressive. Awesome!

Charlotte Harris
Silent, Swift, and Efficient

We used the Magicycle charger for the first time during our camping trip. Despite having limited electricity, we were thrilled to witness the charger's rapid and quiet operation, quickly achieving a full battery charge. Thank you, Magicycle! I'm absolutely thrilled with my Magicycle ebike in every aspect!