October 11,2023

Top Tips for Preventing Back Pain While Electric Bike (Ebike) Cycling

If you just switched from another vehicle to an electric bikes or from a regular cycle to an electric bike, you may face back pain while riding it. The main reason behind this is that you are not used to the experience, and that's why experts recommend gradually increasing your riding distance by 25% weekly. It will help in preventing back pain due to riding.

Here, we will share some of the top tips to prevent back pain when riding electric bikes for adults.

What causes back pain while riding an electric bike?

There are multiple reasons why you may feel back pain during or after riding an electric bike. The most common reasons include:

  • Bad posture while riding
  • Improper position of the handlebar
  • Bad suspension
  • Improper bike or saddle height
  • Hard cushioning, etc.

Top tips for preventing back pain while riding an electric bike.

While the reasons for back pain due to electric bikes may vary between individuals, everyone must follow these tips. This way, you can prevent and stop any type of pain in your lower or upper back due to cycling.

1. Ensure that your electric bike is the perfect fit for your body.

Start by ensuring that the bike you are riding is perfect for your body. The bike might be too big or small, and either way, it can lead to poor posture. You may not feel any issues with the poor posture early, but after riding for some time, you may feel severe back pain. The right way to find an Ebike that perfectly fits your body's size is by consulting with a specialist and asking them for suggestions.

2. If your Ebike supports an adjustable saddle, adjust it for the right posture.

Not all electric bike models come with support for adjustable saddle, but some do. So, if your bike's saddle is adjustable, you must adjust it to a comfortable position. The best position for a saddle is when your feet are at the lowest resting position (not on the ground). There must be a slight bend instead of a completely straight or stretched leg. This way, excessive strain on the back muscles will be removed.

3. Adjust the handlebar to get strain off your shoulders.

Most electric bikes allow the riders to adjust the height and distance of the handlebars. These must be present at the position where you don’t need to overstretch or hunch to reach them. Arms having a slight bend when holding the handlebar is the best. Moreover, it will take off some stress from your back since the back will be either at a 45-degree angle or higher.

4. Use a soft seat/saddle cover for your electric bike.

Investing in a good saddle or cover will go a long way to keeping you comfortable. The built-in saddle may not be very comfortable due to the following:

  • Lack of shock absorption
  • Bad cushioning for lower back

These reasons can cause an impact on your spine that introduces back pain. So, if you get a saddle cover with good cushioning or a gel cover, the shocks and impact on your spine will decrease significantly.

5. Ensure that your suspension is in perfect condition.

The suspension of your bike must be in perfect condition if you want to prevent back pain. Suspension is responsible for damping the jerks and shocks from the road due to uneven surfaces. If the shocks are not good, all those impacts find their way to your back through the saddle. Hence, the pain increases. So, either maintain those shocks and keep them in perfect condition or replace them with new ones.

6. Exercise regularly to keep your body fit.

In some cases, everything is fine, but the body is not used to cycling. Since riding electric bikes for adults is effortless, people often go for longer rides. It may put extra pressure on the muscles, which can cause pain. This issue may not exist for every individual, but if you are living an inactive lifestyle, you may face it.

7. Rest when needed and gradually increase the distance

When riding budget electric bikes, you must take a rest after an interval. Even when you don’t need to paddle like on a regular bicycle, your body gets exposed to the weather. Longer rides can be tiring, so starting with short ones is better. You can increase the distance gradually, and taking short breaks will help decrease strain on the back muscles.

Final Words

No matter why you are facing back pain after riding electric bikes for adults if you follow the tips shared above, you will feel a significant difference in your pain. It can be very helpful in completely getting rid of this painful situation by ensuring that you never repeat the mistakes that caused this pain in the first place.

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