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Magicycle Fireproof Battery Bag

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1. 100% inner fireproof fiberglass fabric, interlayer non-woven fabric with flame retardant effect, and PVC fiber outer layer, which effectively isolates air and improves safety when charging. Heat insulation temperature up to 1000℉.
2. Stop the explosion from overheating.
3. Magicycle Fireproof Battery Storage Bag is a convenient way of safeguarding your Magicycle batteries during charging, transit, and storage. Release your mind when the battery is on charging, while you have to leave it away for a while by closing the lips in the bag. The bag is intended to reduce the chances of damage in the event of a lipo fire.
4. Magicycle Battery Bag could be used for safely transporting, storing, and charging batteries. It's very easy and convenient to carry in 2 ways.
5. Magicycle Battery Bag dimension is 52*15*14cm, which can contain 2 Magicycle batteries, a charger, and some other small accessories.

Why Use an E-bike Battery Bag?

The need for an E-bike battery bag arises from two main factors that can lead to explosions during battery charging. Firstly, the cell differential pressure increases after numerous battery uses. Secondly, the imbalance between the charger and battery protection plate can result in a continuous rise in the battery pack's differential pressure. This can cause overcharging and subsequent explosions. To mitigate these risks, it is crucial to employ fireproof bags during the charging process.

Safeguard Your Battery

The Magicycle Fireproof E-bike Battery Storage Bag offers a convenient and reliable method of safeguarding your Lipo batteries during charging, transit, and storage. Rest easy knowing that this bag reduces the chances of damage in the event of a lipo fire.

Safety and Convenient

Designed with Velcro closures for better security and a hidden charging hole for added safety and convenience, and easy to transport. Not only can you store your batteries securely, but also your valuables or documents, providing overall protection.

Safety and Worry-Free

Crafted from high-performance fire-resistant materials, making battery charging safer and provides a secure storage environment for Lipo batteries during transportation and storage. The four-layer explosion-proof and heat-resistant hybrid material guarantees strength and reliability, while the waterproof silicone coating protects the battery from water damage.

4-Layer Battery Bag

High-quality Fireproof Glass Fiber, The outer layer comprises liquid silicone glass fiber cloth, while the inner layer consists of aluminum foil glass fiber cloth. This four-layer composite material ensures firmness and reliability, enhancing the fire resistance of the lithium polymer battery charger bag. It effectively isolates the battery from the surrounding air, guaranteeing the safety of your home or property. With an average heat resistance of up to 650°C - 750°C and instantaneous temperature resistance of up to 2000°C.

Hidden Charging Port Design

The cleverly designed charging port on the side ensures safe and convenient battery charging. When you need to step away temporarily while the battery is charging, simply close the battery in the bag to free yourself from any worries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

The bag is large enough that you could fit two batteries in one bag but with only one battery per bag then you can also store the charger so everything is in one place when needed.

Jack Wright
Safeguarding Peace of Mind

With lithium batteries' known vulnerabilities, this well-constructed, spacious bag ensures safety during charging, storage, and transport. A minor zipper improvement could make it perfect. Thank you, Magicycle!

Liam MacDonald
Crafted for Confidence

With a sturdy design and dependable zippers, this battery bag provides assurance during storage and charging. A must-have to contain any unforeseen incidents.

Alexander Reed
Elevating Battery Security

The premium quality of this battery bag impressed me. Safeguarding my battery outside the e-bike was essential, and this bag provides the ultimate peace of mind. Truly a valuable accessory!

Emma Parker
Unparalleled Security

My recent purchase of this battery bag caught me by surprise. It not only accommodates the e-bike battery perfectly but also offers room for accessories. Sharing it with my spouse is hassle-free. Well-crafted and truly reassuring.