September 28,2023

How Fast Do Electric Bikes Go?

Different individuals have different expectations when picking electric bikes. Some people are all about speed, and their first question about electric bikes is how fast they can go. While electric bikes have top speeds ranging between 45 and 85 mph, most electric bike users are 21% faster than regular cycles that can go on an average speed of 15 mph. If you also have queries regarding how fast your bike can go, here is everything you need to know.

Do all electric bikes have the same top speed?

No, the top speed of electric bikes varies between models and manufacturers. On average, you can find electric bikes for adults having a top speed of under 85 mph. It is because when the manufacturers are producing a bike, they must meet certain regulations along with specific requirements for that model.

What factors affect the top speed of electric bikes?

Whether you go for budget electric bikes or premium ones, there will always be certain factors affecting the top speed of your electric bike, including:

1. The combined power of the motor and the battery

The first factor is the combined power of the motor and the battery. Motors with higher wattage can produce more power. To power such a powerful motor, a battery with higher voltage and bigger capacity is essential. Going with motors up to 750 watts and a battery providing 48 volts will be ideal if you want higher speeds from the bike.

2. Design and weight of the bike

The design and weight of the bike have a huge role in deciding the top speed as well. It is because if the bike is not designed well, some of its energy will be wasted in other forms due to design flaws. An aerodynamic design electric bike will easily achieve higher top speeds.

Additionally, the weight of the bike is decisive since the motor must pull that, too. That’s why when you have extra accessories on your bike, the weight will increase, and the top speed will decrease.

3. The sitting posture of the rider and his weight

Aerodynamics has a huge role in achieving top speeds, and when talking about electric bikes, these are not only about the bike but the rider as well. Your sitting posture can cause a lot of drag force. Additionally, more body weight of the rider will put more pressure on the motor, which makes achieving top speeds further difficult. That's why you must sit in a position that creates the least drag for a better riding experience.

4. Type of road you are riding on

The road type can affect your top speed by making it easier or difficult for the motor to pull the bike. For example, if you are riding on a carpeted road that is flat and the bike is designed for city commuting, it will be the best case to hit higher speeds.

On the other hand, hitting high speed may not be easily possible for the bike, considering bad grip due to sand and gravel on the track, especially if you don’t have compatible tires.

5. Maintenance condition of the bike

Lastly, maintenance of your bike can impact its high speed. For example, the tire condition and pressure can decide the grip on the road. If you have smoother tires with proper air in them, they can help achieve higher speeds in comparison to rough tires with lesser air due to the additional rolling resistance.

What are the high-speed benefits of electric bikes

The High-speed Ebikes bring certain advantages, including:

  • You can commute much quicker, even through the busiest areas
  • It is much cheaper in comparison to a combustion engine for the same speed and distance
  • While you are off-roading, high speed will bring more thrill

What are the high-speed challenges of electric bikes?

High-speed Ebikes may be thrilling to ride on, but they come with certain challenges, including:

  1. The faster you go, the quicker your battery will drain, and the range will decrease
  2. High speed demands more control, so it can be dangerous, especially if you are new to these bikes.
  3. Quicker completion of charge cycles and more strain on the battery will quickly degrade the battery's health.

So, whenever you decide to hit the top speed of your Ebike, always remember that you may have to deal with these challenges.

Final Remarks:

One of the most thrilling things about electric bikes for adults is hitting the top speed. To buy a bike for its high speed, you need to consider all the factors explained above. Additionally, it is important to understand the challenges and benefits of hitting the top speed of your electric bike for a safer and fun riding experience.

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