September 21,2023

Maximize E-Bike Range: Proven Tips to Extend Your Ride

E-bikes are gaining popularity in the whole world. Even with over 300 million electric bikes being used in the whole world, many people don’t know the right way to use their bikes. One of the biggest concerns people have regarding their budget electric bike is its range. No matter how much range you get from your Ebike, if you are not using it appropriately, it will not be efficient. So, in this guide, we will share the top tips that will help extend your riding range.

Maximize E-Bike Range: 10 Proven Tips to Extend Your Ride

Here are the 10 Electric bike usage tips that will help maximize its riding range.

Use lower pedal assistance if your bike has the option

Some electric bikes for adults come with pedal assistance mode, while some only provide a throttle option. If your ebike supports pedal assistance, you must go for it. It is because you and the motor will be dividing the load, so you get a comfortable riding experience. Meanwhile, the battery will not drain at a very fast rate, giving you more riding range.

Prefer pedal assist over throttle mode in most cases

Using the throttle mode on an electric bike is the most fun, but sometimes you don’t need it. For example, when you are going downhill and want more control, or you want to get the benefits of exercising. In all such cases, you must prefer pedal assist since that will reduce battery consumption significantly.

Maintain battery charging and health.

Maintaining battery charging and health is the key to maximizing its range. Battery health refers to keeping the battery safe from impacts and other problems. Meanwhile, maintaining charging means that you don’t let it drain 100% before charging it and don’t leave it on the charger even after it hits 100%. As your battery stays in good health, it will provide a better riding range.

Maintain a steady pace instead of frequent acceleration and braking

When you are going on a plain surface, you need to maintain a steady pace instead of frequently accelerating and braking. When you don’t maintain a steady pace, the bike will use more battery. So, having a steady pace will not require abrupt accelerations, and it will save a lot of battery life.

Always go for a smooth acceleration.

Whether you are starting from a still position or going to accelerate while the bike is moving, you always need to accelerate smoothly. It will not draw a lot of energy from the battery in a very short time, hence making your battery last longer on a single charge.

Manage the weight that you carry on your bike.

You must limit the weight that you carry on your bike. Whether you are riding to the office or doing food delivery, reduce unwanted weight. If you cannot remove things from your bike, divide them into different trips strategically since that will put less load on the battery in comparison with more weight in one trip.

Plan your routes before and cut the additional distance

Many users face this issue of less range from their bikes, and it is because they are riding extra distances. To extend the range of electric bikes, you need to plan your routes. In this way, you will remove any unwanted distance and get shortcuts, which will technically provide you with more riding range.

Enable regenerative braking feature if available.

It may not be available on every electric bike, but if your Ebike has it, you must enable it. This technology allows the battery to recharge when you apply brakes to slow down the bike. This way, you can charge the bike while riding it, and these small charging additions will help extend the range.

Maintain optimal tire pressure at all times.

Many people neglect tire pressure because the motor puts in extra effort, so they don’t need to put extra effort to keep the bike going. When you maintain optimal tire pressure, the bike will run smoothly and require less effort. This way, you will conserve battery power and extend the range of electric bikes for adults.

Regular maintenance for mechanics of the bike is essential

Ensure that all the mechanical components of your electric bikes get regular maintenance. Even if it is something as simple as cleaning and oiling the chain, you must do it when needed. This way, there will be no effects from the bike's mechanics on the electric system. Hence, it will help with a better range.

Final Remarks

If you were also finding your bike to often fall short of the range rating specification from the manufacturer, then you need to follow these tips. With these tips, you will not only extend the riding range of electric bikes, but their overall lifespan will also improve. So, whether you are going on a long or short trip, follow these tips to enjoy peace of mind while getting good performance from your bike.

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