How Well Do Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes Work On Hills? July 10,2023

How Well Do Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes Work On Hills?

You may have heard claims that a full suspension electric mountain bike performs poorly on hills. Well, that is not true. It can only come from someone who is yet to have a profound experience with these bikes.

Full suspension electric mountain bikes perform extremely well on hills. The machines are built for any rough terrain, and the hills are no match for their energy, speed, and agility.

In this guide, we share the main reasons why you can rely on a full suspension mountain ebike for such adventures. We will also show you how to choose the right one.

What Makes a Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike Good for the Hills?

Riding through the hills can be quite an adventure. The adrenaline rush that comes with climbing steep slopes and descending at top speeds creates the perfect atmosphere for great fun.

However, it can also be hazardous. As the terrain gets tougher, it increases the risk of injuries. We have seen many people get hurt, especially on their backs, for riding the hills.

And that is why you need the right mountain bike. A full suspension ebike has all the features that smoothen the roads and increase your riding experience.

Here are the factors that make it so:

Increase comfort

We have reviewed so many electric mountain bikes for sale over the past several years. Full suspension ebikes have always emerged as one of the best solutions for the toughest terrains. And no terrain could be harder than the hills.

Riding through these places means climbing over stones, jumping roots, hitting potholes, and taking in all the dirt. Such terrains can put a lot of strain on your body, especially the lower back. Riders with muscle and back issues can find riding extremely difficult in such an environment.

Full suspension electric bikes provide all-around protection, giving you the smoothest ride. The bikes feature the front suspension system to protect your upper body and the rear suspension to ensure your lower body remains safe. The shocks absorb most of the terrain unevenness.

Excellent grip

Try riding through the hills on a less-ideal ebike, and you will hate it. Aside from having too many obstacles, it's possible for the terrain to be too slippery. As the bike vibrates over these shocks, keeping it on the ground becomes quite hard. It becomes worse when you finally find ground, only to slide off due to too much mud and slipperiness.

The dual suspension system on full suspension electric bikes takes in the stress from these shocks, smoothing the way. This allows the wheels to grasp the ground more efficiently. Riders can then enjoy more control, especially when negotiating corners.

Aside from the suspension, some of these ebikes like the Magicycle Deer also feature fat tires, contributing to comfort and general performance. The larger than normal tires increase the center of gravity and surface areas, allowing you to hold more ground. Such features' benefits are more traction, stability, and control.

Nothing makes a hill ride easier and more amazing than these three factors. Traction keeps you going stronger, stability keeps you in the best position for control, and strength ensures your bike remains in good condition.


Imagine riding through the mountains, and your electric bike breaks down in the middle of your journey. This happens a lot with e-bikes that are not properly designed to handle such pressure. Full suspension electric mountain bikes perform better here because:

  • The ebike suspension system cushions the bike against severe impact. Instead of the bike moving, shock absorbers contract and expand to take the hit. You are sure to come out with a stronger bike.
  • Strong components can handle the pressure more effectively. Fullsuspension electric bikes are designed with strong material on the frame and other parts. There is not much strain in the hilly terrain that may break it.

In short, full suspension electric bikes are strong enough to take in the hit and still stand strong. It's no wonder they are the best electric bikes for adults.

Powerful Motor and Battery

Forget the suspension and the tires; the battery-motor system is perhaps the most important component when it comes to scaling the hills. Most electric bikes for sale use them as the top selling points – and for a good reason. It is the motor that determines how much boost the riders get in their leg power.

Full suspension ebikes come with the most powerful motors. An ebike like the Magicycle Deer has a 750W electric motor that delivers 96Nm torque. A 52V 20Ah battery powers it. This combination allows the rider to climb even the steepest hills without struggling too much to pedal.  

How to Choose the Right Full suspension Electric Mountain Bike for the Hills

As you can see, full suspension electric mountain bikes perform exceptionally on hills. However you can only get such performance if you choose the right bike. Not every full-suspension bike can give you such performance. Try out the Magicycle, and you will never want another.

When choosing, consider the following:

  • The motor. Without a powerful motor, you should not attempt riding on hills. Choose a bike that gives you enough torque to tackleany hills
  • The battery. As mentioned earlier, you need a powerful battery that lives up to the challenge.
  • Braking system. Safety always comes first on those high-risk terrains. Thus, it is recommended that you carefully consider your e-bike's braking power. Hydraulic disc brakeis one of the most effective solutions.
  • Reliability is essential when it comes to mountain biking. Buy your bike from a reputable brand, and you can be sure of great performance.

The Magicycle Deer mentioned above is the true definition of a bike designed for hilly performance. It has the best of these features and comes from a trusted manufacturer. Take it any terrain, and it will not disappoint you.


Full suspension electric mountain bikes perform exceptionally on hills. They are comfortable, stable, fast, and easy to control. Take on any terrain, and your bike will stand strong. With the right electric mountain bike, you will climb and descend the hills like it's nothing.