Does Your E-Bike Keep Cutting Out? Try These 6 Solutions! August 08,2023

Does Your E-Bike Keep Cutting Out? Try These 6 Solutions!

Having electric bikes is a lot of fun, but they’re not without their issues. One of the most common problems is power cut outs. If you’re experiencing that, it means there’s a problem that needs to be fixed. Electric bikes for adults require some knowledge and today we want to provide that.

Overall, the most common reasons electric bikes keep cutting out on you involve poor battery health, controller issues, and more. Today, we will explain some of these reasons so you know what to do if your e-bike constantly cuts out.

6 Common Reasons Electic Bikes Keep Cutting Out & Solutions

1. Battery Management System Issues

The BMS is a device that all electric bikes have, even your fat tire electric bike. It monitors the health of your battery pack and performs essential functions such as ensuring the battery cells charge evenly. It can provide incorrect battery information and even lead to power failures when it malfunctions.

It will also cause charging cells to charge unevenly, leading to intermittent power loss. You can diagnose BMS issues by testing the battery’s terminal voltage with a multi-meter and taking current readings or by testing the BMS on a different bike. BMS issues often require a complete replacement, so you’ll need to take your bike to a shop.

2. The Battery Pins Are Loose

The battery pins function like blood vessels because they help transfer power to the entire electric bike. When they detach even slightly from the system, they can decelerate power transfer and make your e-bike cut out or feel very slow.

The same happens if the batter pins break, which is not out of the ordinary if the bike is handled poorly. This severs the access point between the components and the battery. Now, replacing the battery pins requires skills, lots of DIY knowledge, and some welding. If you lack that, we recommend taking the e-bike to a repair specialist.

3. Brake Motor Inhibitor Issues

Some electric bikes for adults don’t use hydraulic brake pads, they use brake motor inhibitors. These electric components stop the motor when you hit the brakes. However, the BMI system doesn’t only help the bike slow down, it also prevents the driving motors from damage.

When the motor inhibitors aren’t functioning properly, they will stop even if you don’t activate the brakes. This could be why your e-bike keeps cutting out and it’s usually caused by a damaged inhibitor sensor. Now, you can have your e-bike diagnosed to replace the sensor, but in most cases, owners prefer to replace the entire BMI. Go to a shop to get a full diagnosis and make a more informed decision.

4. The Velocity Sensor Is Damaged or Faulty

Electric bikes include a velocity sensor that measures speed and sends the information to the controller so it can redirect power to the motors. If you’re traveling too fast and you experience a power cut-off, that’s the velocity sensor at work. However, if it’s broken or faulty, it will misread your speed and cut off your power even if you’re going slow or cause intermittent cut-offs.

A broken velocity sensor can also drain your battery too quickly. If you’re having these issues, take a look at the velocity sensor and check the connections. Give it a good clean with compressed air or a cloth. If the issue persists, you might have to replace the velocity sensor.

5. Controller Issues

Another thing all electric bikes have is a central processing unit, which is the controller. This device receives signals of everything you want to do, whether that’s turning the bike on or off, changing speeds, or breaking. Then, it sends those messages to all the other e-bike components.

However, the controller can be damaged by water, wear and tear, overheating, short circuits, or even software issues. When that happens, it can cause cut-offs. If the damage is not extensive, you’ll be able to save the controller. If it is, the entire thing will have to be replaced.

6. The Throttle Is Damaged

It’s not uncommon for e-bike throttles to become stuck when you turn off your electric bike. So, the next time you turn it on, there will be a miscommunication between the throttle and the controller. This can cause power cut-outs and even overheat the bike.

Sometimes, the issue will be as simple as cleaning the throttle or making sure the connection between it and the controller is tight. Other times, the throttle or controller will be completely damaged, which requires replacement.

Final Words

Whatever the issue may be, rest assured it won’t be difficult to solve. Especially not if you turn to professional assistance! If you still don’t have an electric bike and you want to change that, check out these electric bikes for sale and start having more adventures.