do you need a license to drive an electric bike battery
do you need a license to drive an electric bike battery
Magicycle 52V 15Ah Cruiser All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike battery

Magicycle Deer/Ocelot Pro Ebike 52V 20Ah Battery

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The relatively low current of 52V 20Ah LG batteries helps reduce the risk of overheating the battery system, which ensures a long life span and high performance. Our long range is over 80 miles per charge on pedal-assist mode and around 50 miles on pure electric power mode. We offer a 2-years warranty on batteries.

4-7 Hours Fast Charge

1040Wh Total Battery Capacity

Weight: 9lbs

Compatible Models: Magicycle Deer/Ocelot Pro

Customer Reviews

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Delivered early. No problems.
Very happy.

Jackson Johnson
Extending Adventures with a Spare Battery

To enable long-distance rides, I invested in a spare battery for my Ocelot. This option is a game-changer for my 80+ mile journeys. With a secondary battery in tow, my confidence to explore distant destinations or return home has soared.

Logan Smith
Amplified Capacity: Ocelot Pro's Second Battery

In pursuit of longer rides, I acquired a second battery for my step-through Ocelot Pro. Its impressive 1040Wh capacity ensures I embark on lengthy journeys without battery-related concerns. This addition is indeed a valuable asset to my riding experience.

Aiden Leblanc
Battery Revival

A replacement was necessary for my Ocelot ebike due to a previous battery's inability to hold charge. Having learned from my past storage mistake, I now appreciate how the new battery fits perfectly. Its rapid charging and impressive performance ensure enjoyable, lengthy rides.

Sophia Wong
Impressive Battery Performance

The battery seamlessly blends into the design of my Ocelot ebike, and installing and removing it is a breeze. The battery's power status light adds convenience in gauging its charge level. Having covered 300 miles on this battery, it continues to deliver exceptional performance. Overall, its excellent quality makes it a definite must-buy.