August 25,2023

Tips for Riding an Ebike after Knee Surgery

Therapy and exercise are must for recovery after getting your knee surgery. However, most exercises are not helpful since they have higher risks and put more stress on your knees. According to NIH, cycling helps recover following knee surgery since it requires less force than walking. If you stick to riding electric bikes, you will enjoy a much better and more convenient recovery.

So, if you want to start safely, this article will guide you with some amazing tips.

What bike riding complications you may face after a knee surgery

You need low-impact exercises to improve your joint mobility when recovering from knee surgery. However, things like walking or riding a regular bike can bring several complications, including:

  • Leg muscle weakness after the surgery
  • Limited motion range due to limited flexibility in the knee
  • Pain and swelling during or after exercise
  • Instability in the knee joint
  • Risk of falling and injuring your knee again, etc.

To solve all these complications, you must choose electric bikes for adults.

Why riding an Ebike is best after recovering from your knee surgery

Riding electric bikes for adults after knee surgery is the best because its electric system assists you. You only need to pedal slightly while the electric motor bears most of the load. Hence, your joint mobility and muscle strength will improve with the exercise. Meanwhile, the surgery area will not get any excessive stress since there will be no load on your joint.

Additionally, you can go for an all-electric mode where you only need to give throttle. This way, you can take breaks from paddling while moving towards your destination.

Top tips for riding an Ebike after a Knee Surgery

Here are our top 6 expert tips for riding electric bikes after recovering from your knee surgery.

1. Always ask your doctor before starting.

Your doctor will give you some recovery time as your surgery is done. Even when that time passes, you must ask your doctor before getting on electric bikes for adults. The doctor will examine your condition before allowing you to ride a bike. It is a crucial step since it can prevent further complications in the surgery area.

2. Safety First!

Your knee still needs a lot of recovery, and you can't take any risks. So, focus on your safety. You must wear a helmet, knee guards, and protective clothing and use lights during night rides. Wearing reflective clothes will let others see you in dark areas, preventing accidents. Try not to put most of the load on the knee that has the surgery.

3. Never compromise on stretching and warming up before starting

Even when your electric bikes do not need any hard effort from you, never skip stretching and warming up sessions before getting on the bike. These are light exercises that make your joints ready for riding the bike. These improve flexibility in your body and reduce the risk of getting injuries again due to strains.

4. Start slowly

No matter how good of a cyclist you were before getting the surgery, understand that you are starting from the base again. Start slowly with the basics of riding your bike. Taking short and gentle rides on comfortable roads is what you want. As you get along, you may gradually increase the distance and terrain to improve your strength and stamina.

5. Choose the right amount of pedal assistance for comfort

Some budget electric bikes allow you to choose the amount of pedal assistance. You need to set it to optimal where you must pedal without putting any stress on your knee. Starting with higher assistance will be better, and you may reduce it as your knee recovers from the surgery.

6. Don’t overburden your body.

You may want to ride the budget for electric bikes longer but listen to your body first. If you face any pain, strain, or fatigue in the surgery tissues, you must let them rest. Switch the bike to all-electric mode and head back home to let the knee rest instead of continuing to ride.

7. Choose from the right electric bikes for a better recovery

You may have gained some weight post-knee surgery recovery, and your old electric bike may not support your weight. So, choose the right electric bike with enough range to never have to walk or pedal back home due to a low battery.

Final Verdict

Therapy and exercise after knee surgery are must for a speedy recovery. However, some exercises can be dangerous since they put a lot of stress on your knees. Riding electric bikes can help since they require exercise but do not put much stress on the knee. If you want to start with electric bikes for adults after knee surgery, the tips shared here will significantly help you.

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Riding electric bikes is one of the best tips to follow post-knee surgery since it provides physical therapy to the knee without putting it through much stress.

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