September 15,2023

Everything You Need to Know About Care and Maintenance for Your E-bike Battery

Electric bikes are only functional because of the batteries they use for powering the electronics. These batteries have a current market value of over $11 billion, and it is expected to grow with a CAGR of 13.33% by 2028. The Ebike industry is growing, and these batteries are not made for lifetime usage. They come with a limited life, but you can increase that with care and maintenance.

This way, you can get a much better value for money from your investment.

Why is it important to take care of your E-bike battery? Are there any benefits?

Maintaining the battery of electric bikes for adults can help retain their health for a long time. This way, you can enjoy significant benefits, including:

  • Maintained batteries are safer
  • You get reliable and consistent performance
  • It has a positive environmental impact since you are not replacing the batteries frequently.

How to maintain your E-bike battery? Top 10 tips you must follow.

Here are our top 10 tips on maintaining the battery of budget electric bikes.

Charge your battery regularly to prolong its lifespan.

Before recharging, don't allow your battery to run completely flat. It is the perfect time to recharge when it falls to about 20%. This practice may extend the battery's lifespan because when you charge the battery this way and do not charge the battery to 100%, you are not consuming the cycle life of the lithium batteries.

Store the battery in normal temperatures and dry conditions

High temperatures can impact the performance of your battery. Always keep your e-bike battery out of the sun and away from moisture/humidity, whether you are storing or using it. Storing the battery in normal conditions is the best since the health does not degrade this way.

Only use the manufacturer's charger for the battery

Always use the charger provided with your ebike or one the manufacturer approves. Incompatible chargers increase the risk of overcharging or undercharging. Moreover, they introduce the battery to unsafe charging patterns, which may shorten battery life. So, chargers are of high importance if you want the battery to last long.

Keep the battery and especially its contacts clean

Clean the battery connections frequently to avoid dirt and grime accumulation. This way, the battery and ebike  have a strong connection, improving both performance. If the battery or e-bike contacts are not clean, the connections will not be strong, which can cause a lack of efficiency.

Avoid overcharging your e-bike battery.

Remove the battery from the charger when it charges to an adequate level. You do not want to charge it to 100% or leave it on the charger even after that. Overcharging can decrease battery performance longevity and even introduce fire hazards. So, to maintain good battery performance, you need to avoid overcharging it.

Don’t completely discharge the battery.

Just like overcharging, you don’t want to over-discharge the battery. It will decrease the life of your battery because you will be continuously consuming charge cycles. So, recharge the battery before it drops completely dead. This way, your battery efficiency will improve, and you will enjoy the peace of mind of an always ready-to-use battery for electric bikes.

Protect your Ebike battery from physical damage.

Take care when handling the battery. Avoid dropping it or causing physical shocks because doing so could damage internal parts. So, when you put the battery to charge or plug it into the electric bike, you must handle it carefully. Also, when the battery is inside the bike, it must not have any physical impact.

Never expose your battery to extreme conditions.

Try to stay away from using Electric bikes during harsh weather. Long-term exposure to extremely hot or low temperatures can impact the performance and longevity of batteries.  

Ensure that whenever you store the battery, it has some charge in it

When you return home, ensure the battery is charged and put the electric bike away. If you plan to store it for a while, keep the charging between 40% and 60% to counter self-discharge. Storing a discharged battery may result in permanent damage.

Regularly monitor battery health.

Regularly check for any swelling, leakage, or strange noises from the battery. If you find these issues, replace the battery immediately.

Final Remarks

Electric bikes for sale provide good riding assistance and range when their batteries are in good health. However, when the health of these batteries drops, you get inefficient performance. So, it is very important to care for and maintain the batteries of your budget electric bikes. By following the tips above, you can maintain your e-bike batteries in good health for a long time. Hence, it will give you better value for your investment.

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