September 19,2023

Do you still have to pedal with an electric bike?

Most good electric bikes can provide a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge. However, not all people get it because they are completely using their Ebike on throttle mode with no pedaling. So, if you are also struggling to enjoy your Ebike in terms of performance and comfort, you might be using it wrong. In this guide, we will learn about the working of these bikes and the importance of pedalling with an electric bike.

Understanding the working of electric bikes.

Before answering this question, it is important to understand the workings of these bikes. Electric bikes usually come with 2 operating modes, which are:

Pedal-assist mode

It is the mode where you pedal, and the motor will divide the load with you. This way, you will not get exhausted quickly, and the battery will last longer.

Throttle mode

This mode is where you don’t need to pedal since the motor takes up the whole load of the bike. The range and your efforts both decrease with an increase in riding comfort.

Situations where you must use the pedal assist for its benefits.

Now that you know how electric bikes work, you can answer if you need to pedal with your electric bikes or not, considering the following situations.

1. You want to get exercise benefits from your bike.

If you are getting an Ebike to get exercise benefits without putting much pressure on the body, then you must choose pedal assist mode. It will give you a light exercise experience. So, you get both the health benefits and exercise benefits, which are highly beneficial for recovery from injuries.

2. You need an extended range from the bike.

If your sole goal is to get as much range from the bike as possible while maintaining comfort, you must go for pedal assist. As you pedal, the motor will divide the workload with you. So, instead of leaving everything up to the motor, you will share some work, and that will preserve range.

3. Going uphill with pedal assist provides a natural riding experience

When going uphill and you want a natural riding experience, stick with pedal assistance instead of throttle mode. It will help you feel the natural experience of going uphill on a bicycle without putting in much intensive effort.

4. Maneuvers where you need more control

Some maneuvers and tracks require more control than they need speed or comfort. For those, pedal assist is the best choice. The bike does not accelerate that easily, and it goes the way you pedal it. Hence, a steady pace will provide you with more control.

5. Use pedal assist to reduce wear and tear.

If you want to reduce the wear and tear on the electronic system of electric bikes for adults, stick to pedal mode instead of throttle mode. Less battery consumption means fewer charge cycles. So, ultimately, it will last much longer.

Situations where you must use the throttle mode for its benefits.

These are some conditions where opting for the throttle mode instead of pedal mode will be a better option.

1. Starting from a stationary position, especially on an included surface

When you are starting from still, especially on an inclined surface, you need a sudden boost of speed. That is easy to get with the throttle mode. However, once you start, you need to accelerate smoothly for safer rides and better range.

2. Going through areas where you need to be quick

Some intersections and points need you to move quickly. Switching to throttle mode and giving full power will let you easily go through those places safely. It is also a helpful option when you are looking to reach somewhere in time.

3. While recovering from an injury, throttle mode gives some time to rest

Say that you are riding electric bikes for their exercise and health benefits. During the ride, your body will get tired, and continuing to ride will put excessive stress on those body parts. Switching to throttle will not stop the ride while taking the pressure off those body parts.

4. While carrying heavy loads, throttle mode will be of great help

Carrying heavy loads on your budget electric bikes can be difficult, especially on inclined roads. That’s where throttle can make the job easier for you by taking the whole load. Once the path gets plain again, you may switch to pedal assistance to maintain a better range.


Now that you know the workings of electric bikes and multiple situations, choosing if you should pedal or not will be highly beneficial. If you make this decision correctly, your experience with the bike and the overall lifespan of the bike will increase. So, for a better range and better performance, always use the Ebike according to the situation.

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