August 17,2023

Do Electric Bikes Have Cruise Control?

Electric bikes are all the rage right now as more and more people are adopting them. If you’re new to electric bikes, there are many things to learn about them. A lot of people want to know if electric bikes have cruise control and, today, we will answer it. We will also explain how it works and offer a few tips so you can take full advantage of it.

What Is Cruise Control on Electric Bikes?

Before we answer the main question, we have to discuss what cruise control is in the first place. It’s not much different from cruise control on vehicles in terms of what it does. This function will allow you to maintain a certain speed without you having to actively accelerate the entire time. This allows you to save energy and reduce the physical strain of riding your bike.

Do Electric Bikes Have Cruise Control?

Not all electric bikes for adults have cruise control. However, that doesn’t mean it will be difficult to find electric bikes with cruise control. Do keep in mind that the most inexpensive electric bikes will likely miss this function. However, premium models often feature it. So, read the description of the electric bike you’re considering carefully to determine if cruise control is available.

The Benefits of Electric Bikes with Cruise Control

Cruise control is a great feature for many different reasons. If you’re considering getting a model with cruise control, whether that’s a fat tire electric bike or a full-suspension e-bike, this is how the function can benefit you:

1. You Can Ride Without Hands

The main benefit of cruise control is that you will be able to ride without using your hands. No matter what kind of throttle the electric bike features, you won’t have to actively use it while cruise control is activated. Using the throttle can get uncomfortable, especially during longer rides, so cruise control adds to your comfort.

2. You Will Maintain Speed

As mentioned earlier, the objective of cruise control is to maintain a certain speed. This will make your ride smoother, which means you’ll experience more comfort. Without cruise control, speed can fluctuate a lot. Depending on the terrain, this can make for a bumpy ride. With the consistency of cruise control, that won’t be a concern.

3. Optimized Battery Usage

Battery life is very important when you’re riding an electric bike, so finding ways to optimize it will benefit you tremendously. Changing speeds or stopping and starting again can drain energy very quickly. So, maintaining a constant speed with the help of cruise control can potentially make your battery last longer.

4. You Will Also Save Energy

Your electric bike’s battery is not the only thing that will save energy. You will also save your own energy because you won’t have to use the throttle. Riding a bike is physical exercise, so finding ways to rest while riding will allow you to avoid fatigue. This way, you can ride for longer and enjoy yourself a lot more.

How to Use Cruise Control on Electric Bikes

The specific way to use cruise control may vary from model to model. However, we would like to give you a general idea. To use cruise control, you need to power on your electric bike and use the display panel to activate the assistance mode you want to use. Generally, pedal assistance is the best mode for cruise control.

Next, you have to pedal or engage the throttle until you reach the speed you would like to maintain. Once you do that, you can engage cruise control through the display panel. Some electric bike models may require you to use the handlebar in some way to engage cruise control. Make sure to read the instructions.

Whenever you’re ready to disengage cruise control, you can use the display again, throttle back, or just brake. Most electric bike models will turn off cruise control automatically if you stop pedaling. This is for your safety, so that can also be a way to disengage the function.

Quick Tips to Use Cruise Control on Electric Bikes

If you want to make the most of cruise control when you’re riding your electric bike, you need to get familiar with the function. Read the user manual to make sure you understand how cruise control works for your model. Also, practice before going on your ride.

Avoid using cruise control in certain situations for your own safety. For example, if you’re riding in the city and there’s heavy traffic, don’t use the function. If the terrain is particularly rough, avoid using cruise control as well. And when you do activate it, don’t get distracted.

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