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Tannus Armour Tire Inserts

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With Tannus tire armor, punctures are things of the past.
We chose to partner with Tannus because they have been at the forefront of innovation in tire technology since 2003 and are the world's number-one brand in airless tire technology.

Tannus Armor gives you increased grip and vibration dampening for a smoother, more comfortable, and enjoyable ride as well. If you're tired of carrying around a spare tube and worrying about getting a flat tire, it's time to upgrade to Aither technology.

The core of Tannus is their patented Aither technology. Aither is a porous foam compound that forms the structure of Armor. The Tannus Armor sits between the tire and tube, providing 15mm of puncture protection on top, and 2mm of sidewall protection against sidewall cuts and tire burping, while adding shock absorption for a smoother ride, and protecting your rim during hard hits.

Never Get Stranded: Our inserts convert your tires to run flat so you can finish your ride regardless of having air in your tube.
Better Handling Than Solid Rubber: This armor provides your ride handling, unlike solid rubber tire replacements.
Fast, Easy Install: Average installation time is 10-15 minutes.
Note: 1 Armour insert per package.

Size 1: 20"x4.1"-4.8"(50.8*10.4-12cm), weight: 0.5lbs(227g)
Size 2: 26"x4.1"-4.8"(66*10.4-12cm), weight: 1.2lbs(544g)
Side Wall: 2mm
Contact Area: 15mm
Compatibility: 26" - All M/L/18" bikes. 20" - S Bikes & Trailers

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Grace Scott
Impressive Addition

A wonderful product that gives me a sense of security. Since getting it, I haven't experienced a single flat tire. I installed it on my e-bike tire and noticed minimal change in rolling resistance. Installation was a bit challenging, but with the right technique, you can manage it.

Abigail Robinson
Remarkably Practical

These tire inserts are incredibly effective! I used to constantly patch my electric mountain bike tires, but not since I added these inserts.

Liam Macdonald
So Far, So Good

Truly an excellent product! I fitted it on my ebike and it's delivering a smoother ride than before. Now I can ride freely without worrying about flat tires.

Jack Gagnon
Effective Solution

I'm really hoping this product continues to protect against flat tires on my mountain ebike. For now, the tire inserts are proving effective.

Alexander Bell
Excellent Performance

This product is outstanding. I've taken it on my local trails and it performs exceptionally. The sidewall support is impressive, and it effectively absorbs minor vibrations from the trail.