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Magicycle Ebike Key

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If you lose your Magicycle e-bike key, just select the key according to your e-bike model, and note the key number on your e-bike battery lock when placing an order, then we will make the special key set for you.

1. The Customized replacement keys for your e-bike will take 30~40 days to send out.
2. These keys are customized for your e-bike, so they cannot be returned or canceled!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Samuel Evans
Swift Recovery with Magicycle

The mishap of losing my e-bike key jolted me into action. Turning to Magicycle for help, I discovered their solution for replacement keys. While the wait was a tad lengthy, the relief of finally obtaining the key outweighed any inconvenience. Kudos to Magicycle for being the saving grace.

Elizabeth Brown
Rekindling the Ride with Magicycle

Months ago, I acquired an Ocelot e-bike that performed impeccably and afforded joyous rides in nature. Alas, a missing key threatened my plans one day. Magicycle's offer to customize an e-bike key proved to be the ideal fix. Gratitude to Magicycle for reigniting the adventure.

Grace Kelly
Perfect Solution for Lost E-Bike Key

Last week, my plans for a ride with friends were almost derailed due to a missing e-bike key. Despite a thorough search, it remained elusive. Thankfully, Magicycle's custom key service came to the rescue, offering replacement keys that saved the day.

Harper Johnson
Tailored E-Bike Key Solution

As someone prone to misplacing items, the thought of losing my e-bike key unnerved me. To preempt this, I sought a solution and found Magicycle's custom key service. Their ability to personalize keys for my e-bike was precisely what I needed. Grateful for the peace of mind, thanks to Magicycle!

Michael Scott
Unparalleled Convenience

Three months ago, I gifted my father a Magicycle Cruiser electric bike, which he absolutely adores for connecting with nature. However, the loss of his keys posed a challenge. Discovering that Magicycle offers customized e-bike keys was a game-changer, ensuring he can relish his rides worry-free.